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Results of our Patient Feedback Survey:

Nov 2022 Update for patients:

  • All patients attending our practice  (including children) must wear a mask at all times. 


    We encourage all patients to visit for any questions they may have concerning Covid-19. Please double click the 'covid-19-test-isolate-national-protocols' PDF file below to assist you with any questions regarding the current isolation policies for Covid-19.  For any other questions please phone our practice.

For your safety Telehealth Consultations are recommended and available during the Covid19 Pandemic.  Telehealth Consultations can be either Telephone only or Video, but PLEASE NOTE THAT FOR LONGER LEVEL CONSULTATIONS (requiring the discussion of multiple health items) you must book a TELEHEALTH CONSULTATION i.e. A VIDEO CONSULTATION - not a phone consultation.  Please see the PDF below in regard to registering and using HealthDirect to engage in a Telehealth consultation in our practice. Routine billing practices apply to all Telehealth Consultations.

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